3. Membership
3.1. The LCS consists of the true members and sponsors.
3.2. The LCS true members may be the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, having a medical education, recognizing the Articles of Association of the LCS, participating actively in the LCS activity and paying the membership fee.
3.3. The LCS sponsors may be all natural and legal persons, supporting the LCS and its activity.
3.4. The LCS membership is registered in the LCS Board and the LCS member certificate of the established form is issued.
3.5. The rights of the LCS members:
3.5.1. To receive: Information on the LCS activity. The LCD publications and other informative material. The LCS support in defending their rights and settling conflicts on the issues of professional ethics and morality. Priority in publishing their works in the LCS press and the recommendation in sending them to other publications. Answers to the questions on all the aspects of the LCS activity.
3.6. The duties of the LCS members:
3.6.1. All members shall follow the LCS Articles of Association and take an active part in the LCS activity.
3.6.2. To pay the membership fee in the established procedure.
3.7. The LCS membership shall be terminated:
3.7.1. After applying in writing to the LCS Board on the withdrawal from the LCS.
3.7.2. Having not paid the membership fee in the course of 3 years.
3.8. The LCS Secretary shall handle the list of members, which may be freely accessible to each LCS member.