LCS structure and management

4. LCS Structure and Management

4.1. The LCS affairs are handled and managed by:
4.1.1. The Congress of the Members.
4.1.2. The LCS Board.
4.1.3. The Revision Commission.
4.2. The Congress of the LCS members.
4.2.1. The Congress of the members is the supreme body of the LCS.
4.2.2. The regular meeting of the LCS members is convened not less than once within 3 years. The Congress is lawful when not less than ½ of the LCS members take part in it. The extraordinary meeting may be called by the LCS Board, the President. Resolutions of the meeting are taken with the simple majority vote.
4.2.3. At the Congress: Reports of the LCS President, Board, Secretary, Treasurer and Revision Commission are heard, discussed and evaluated. Opinions on the LCS activity are heard and discussed. Further trends of the LCD activities are foreseen. The LCS President, Vice-President, Secretary, the Revision Commission and the Board members are elected directly. The LCS Articles of Association are adopted, amended or supplemented. The Chairman of the next meeting is appointed. The LCS activity is terminated.
4.3. The LCS Board
4.3.1. The Board consists of:
The President,
The Honorary President,
The Vice-President,
The Secretary,
The Treasurer,
The Board members.
4.3.2. The Board shall be elected for the period of 3 years.
4.3.3. The Board is the main executive body possessing the powers of decisions in-between the meetings. It meets when necessary, but not less than once in half a year.
4.3.4. The right to call the extraordinary meeting of the Board belongs to the President.
4.3.5. The Board meeting shall be lawful, if not less than 2/3 of the Board members take part in it. The decisions shall be adopted by a simple majority vote.
4.3.6. The Board shall. Call the LCS congresses. Accept new members to the LCS. Recommend the LCS members as candidates for taking the responsible medical posts. Manage the LCS funds, fix the membership fee size and the procedure of payment.
4.3.7. The Board may be dissolved at the meeting of the LCS members.
4.3.8. The President may: Represent the LCS in all official matters both in Lithuania and outside its borders. Conclude agreements in the name of the LCS. Chair the Board meetings. Approve the Board decisions. Propose to call the LCS extraordinary meeting. Organise scientific and practical symposia, conferences and other events as well as the scientific programme of conferences. Form the expert commission for evaluation of scientific publications. Organize the scientific visits and practical studies of the LCS members. The president may be dismissed by the Congress of the LCS members.
4.3.9. The highly deserved person of the LCS may be elected as the honorary president.
4.3.10. The Vice-President shall perform the President’s or other functions, delegated upon him by the President. The President may suspend the powers of the Vice-President, and he may be dismissed by the Congress.
4.3.11. The functions of the Secretary: To handle all the correspondence of the LCS. To timely send out to the LCS members information relating to the LCS activity. To handle information and documentation of all LCS events. To organize the LCS publishing activities. To handle the lists of the LCS members.
4.3.12. The LCS Revision Commission: The Congress of the LCS members shall elect the Revision Commission of 3 members, who shall elect the Chairman from its own members. The Revision Commission shall receive from the LCS Board the previous calendar year activity report, the next year income and expenses estimate and a workplan, shall check the said documents and submit for discussion and approval to the meeting of the members.